Self-Initiated Project Idea

Having completed some units in previous studies where I was unable to transfer credits, I decided to use some of this research for my next unit as this was about assessment and feedback which is an area of particular interest to me.  I also have experience and research from my previous role at a different university which I believe will help with this project.  Unfortunately a laptop catastrophe prevented me updating the content of the previous work which meant I was not as prepared as I would have liked on the day.

From the work I completed previously I found that use of a consistent method of feedback accounted for a small increase in the feedback from students

“Information about assessment was communicated clearly” results were 3.6/6 and increased to 3.8/6.

“Feedback showed me how to improve my work” results were 4.3/6 and increased to 4.4/6

This information was not collected from the same students.

My goal for my self-initated project is to involve students in both formative and summative assessment with the aim of them valuing feedback for the content – rather than just the grade, engaging more with their own continuous development, understanding what feedback really means and finally enabling them to assessors of their own work taking greater control of their learning.

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