6th June 2018 teaching session

The beginning of this session started by some group work regarding the elective units which I am not doing.  The aim was to share some reading or research and get the group to answer 3 questions on the piece.  I chose a piece of student work that I thought might interest the group.

Password: fashionstrategy

The students who produced these Pecha Kucha’s managed to include a huge amount of thought provoking content in 6 minutes and 40 seconds.

I posed the following questions:

  1. Does this subject relate to your own course?
  2. How viable is it for UAL to teach so many fashion courses when this is the second biggest cause of landfill?
  3. How do we get students to think about making sustainability a focus of their studies?

The next part of the session enabled us to begin our reflective statements which I was very pleased about as I had been worried about what these would entail.

It was good to have some time in class to work as I often find the pressures of life and work create delays in me being able to start work for the PGCert and I have sometimes forgotten what I am supposed to do.

It was useful to learn that we could use one example to cover 1, 2 or 3 of the reflections as I think it would be difficult to get any depth in 500 words if different examples needed to be used.

I decided to use the same example for the first two reflections and a different one for the final.

My thinking during the session began around how I have begun to explain to students about ‘unpicking’ a brief:

The images show how essentially ‘dull’ slides are annotated to help students who are largely visual learners to make sense of what they need to do and how to identify the meaning of the language used.

I am feeling much more confident now about my ability to complete this task!



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