Micro Teaching Sessions 21st March part 2

During the session I viewed about 6 presentations.

I really enjoyed Jason’s as the content was so linked to the subjects I teach and I have never seen a pair of Pinatex shoes, but have always wanted to.

The slides were beautifully produced which is always great when you are presenting potentially ‘dry’ subjects.  His use of technology; images, infographics and film clips is always considered and informative.


I would like to try and incorporate the use of mixed media more in my teaching and push this to the boundaries of the equipment available.

Rebecca’s session was very interactive and involved asking the group to perform 5 drawings of a glass.  I thought the idea was brilliant but I know I was not a willing participant.  I am a TERRIBLE artist and being asked to draw in a room where the majority are practising artists made me feel uncomfortable. I just really don’t like drawing.

Interestingly, I think the reason this happened was similar to a reflection I had on my own micro teaching session, i.e, that it’s easy to assume everyone has the same basic knowledge.


An easy solution to fix the above would be to deliver he exercise in pairs, there would have been no pressure on individuals if this had happened and is certainly something I will think about.

I was not able to attend Maisie’s session but it seems from her blog post that she shares the same feeling about ensuring that the outcomes were made clearer.

I really enjoyed Nicola’s session about gender and Barbie.  The delivery and content was interestingly provocative and did an amazing job of questioning my own thinking.  The use of symbolism was introduced clearly in relation to gender roles.


Try to find symbolic items or exercises that everyone can relate to.  I think this would have been useful for me in my own teaching session.  I thought I had achieved this with a handbag but looking back I should have done the exercise using a fashion and non fashion object rather than running another exercise simultaneously.


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